Sunday, November 7, 2010

processed bits...

so lately ive been helping visually art direct some bars and clubs down here in san diego. most currently im helping the owners of the old bar o'connells, theyre changing the look name and feel of this place, make it more contemporary. so i was brought in to help crete a new attitude. the name of the place will be saints and sinners, so its my job to create some hot and tasty devil and angel girl images. so with this post im going to show you some insight into my process... first off after establishing the space were working with, in this case roughly 6 ft by 3-4 ft for each girl, i hit the drawing pad and sketched out my version of a sinful little devil lady... youll notice i kept her features kinda mousey, smaller chest, larger hips, long hair, tried to come up with a sexy confident pose, for the most part i got what i wanted, heh.... up next i just started slapping down some color ideas. the red skin we felt was a bit much so we decided to go more with an undead color scheme, almost vampire-esque.... with all these bits in place it was time to move to the final piece... with it i decided i needed to punch up the smaller details so i decided to make her gloves and panties a lacey almost tattoo looking accesory, a little red, and some black boots, and a bit of the halftone and voila! we have the sinner of saints and sinners! up next, our saint:D

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